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Romance, nostalgia and uniqueness are some of the elements that distinguish the brand ''ALEXANDRA VELENTZA'', which is inspired by a woman full of imagination and spontaneity.

Alexandra Velentza, was born in Athens, while she originates from a Greek island, named Paros. She studied “Communication and Media”at the University of Athens, alongside she was studying “Costume and Fashion Courses” in Αthens and worked in several of sectors in communication and haute couture.

She created her own collection of handcrafted accessories reviving techniques from the past, as the technique to design things crocheted by hand, as well sewing. Her motivation is the uniqueness and the timeless elegance!

Similarly, her collection is expanding in a large variety of favors and invitations, original ideas for the decoration about the wedding ceremony and the wishing table, including also trays, decanters and wedding glasses as we use to have in Greece.

Planning to get married in Greece? Great idea! So let us help you find the perfect stuff and organize together every little detail for a real Greek wedding ceremony!

It’s our pleasure to see our customers satisfied and happy!

Fly to our boutique, let us know if you need any help and let the journey begin!

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Handmade accessories designer, Alexandra who specializes in handstitching, crochet and fine textile techniques. Her handmade collections has a soulful finish. Furthermore, the history, culture, travel, the human spirit and everyday life inspire the collection. The collections base is a high quality materials, exquisite fabrics and delicate laces. Besides that, she creates her very own handcrafted collection. Alexandra brings out a new perspective of the past with a modern touch. “I combine elements, such as crystals, pearls, etc. with various textile techniques, the results are pieces that can be described as chic, abstract, contemporary and unique.

My bridal collection is a line that encompasses undeniable beauty and elegance. Therefore the collection is perfect for women fond of the minimal and timeless style”. Addressed to equally elegant women, fond of durable style, her growing collection is irresistible! The Design is for the discerning bride looking, for elegant and lovingly handmade bridal accessories. This collection guarantees to add a romantic and feminine touch to your special day. Alexandra was born and raised in Athens. She is originally from Paros island, Alexandra Velentza studied at the University of Athens.

Handmade accessories designer, Alexandra